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Project progress appraisal during the second technical meeting

The 2nd Technical Meeting was held online on the 17th December. The beneficiaries meeting was held online due to travel restrictions All three beneficiaries joined. The meeting began with outlining the agenda and the desired objectives  and  the new additions to the project team were introduced and warmly greeted. The meeting was divided in two parts – a general update and discussion on the project progress per work packages and a dedicated Common Management Team session.

Updates included signed contracting and team assigned for the first two Work Packages (WP1: Project Management and Coordination & WP2: Communication and Dissemination). Important project activities and milestones were completed, namely thecreation of visual identity for the project, production of promotion materials (banners and flyers), creation of project website and initiation of Social Media campaign. Last but not least, the project team had managed to hold three round tables promoting the benefits of electric mobility which attracted more than 40 guests – mainly local authorities and SMEs.

During the meeting new detailed schedule with concrete internal milestones as well as action plan with detailed assignments for all Work Packages were outlined and approved by the CMT – writing of studies on the electric mobility issues concerning Greece and Bulgaria, establishing the electromobility network, expert communication with local authorities and automotive professionals and the development of the interoperability platform. Preliminary planning was discussed for the future Round Table/Living Lab events and Work Package leaders were assigned.

The meeting was considered very productive and fruitful by all project beneficiaries who agreed to meet again online on 19 January to check on progress and outstanding tasks.