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Mid-term technical meeting in Thessaloniki

The E.VE.CR.I team held its mid-term technical meeting on the 19th May. The venue of the event was the headquarters of CERTH and the host was the director of HIT – Project Partner 2 of the project – Mr. Evangelos Bekiaris.

The meeting started with tour de table and introduction of the new additions to the project team. Vera Veleva – Lead Beneficiary’s Project Manager – gave a detailed recap of the project progress so far, including a statement of the project’s overall mission and its future impact. It has been estimate that over 50% of project tasks have already been completed.

In terms of round tables, recently we gathered over 20 people in the towns of Simitli and Bansko in Bulgaria and currently next round tables in Bulgaria are being scheduled for 26-27th in Bulgaria and another one is rescheduled for the 23rd of June in Xanthi in the Greek side.

With over 100 potential locations for EV charging station being identified in Bulgaria, our team is close to starting the installation of 50 charging points in total – one of the major objectives of this project. On the Greek side, identification of potential points is to start in June and continue till December 2022. Activities in Greece would include matchmaking at round tables and other events for SMEs, expressing interest for EV SC, as well as extensive indirect support for 4 of the SMEs for EV charging stations installations.

The other major objective of the project – the development of interoperability platform – was also a topic of discussion. Operability would need to be ensured in terms of access (software and firmware) to connect to the charging station, agreement of payment between operators and payment solution (common bank system or cards).